Cast are supportive device used to help keep an injured bone in place while it heals ,It has number of generations. Nowadays there is rare use of bandages which is made from synthetic material. There are mainly six generations of casts, which are as follows:

A. Ready to use bandage (Gypsona)

B. Synthetic Fiberglass Cast

C. Soft Synthetic Glass

D. Synthetic Cast with wash-ability

E. Thermoplastic Process

F.  Absolute Washable Cast

A. (1st Generation) Ready to use bandage (Gypsona):



Gypsona, Plaster of Paris has been trusted expert for over 75 years. Ready to use bandage(Gypsona) is made from especially woven cloth with the finest quality . This bandage provides excellent stability and comfortability to wet bandage, it also allows smooth, pleasing and creamy plaster formula. This type of bandage ensures minimal fraying and loose threads during application and provides a smoother cast finish. 

Cons: This requires more care than other types of cast, for example to bath with a bandage cast one need to wrap it in several layers of plastic. They also taken number of days for healing so one should limiting their activities after getting the cast.


B. (2nd Generation) Synthetic Fiberglass:



It is the second generation of cast namely as synthetic fiberglass cast, this cast offers a lot of advantage to doctors as well as patients. This cast is easy to wear as compared to 1st generation cast. It has a less weight than plaster cast, its application is also easy.

Cons: It is more waterproof than plaster cast but not completely. While the outer layer is fully waterproof but soft-padding underneath is not. In some cases doctors are able to put a waterproof liner under the cast, which makes the entire cast waterproof. This whole process take more time and cost.




C. (3rd Generation) Soft Synthetic Glass:

Soft synthetic cast has been designed to provide functional support to fractures and soft tissue injuries. Its semi rigidity allows more flexibility, mobility and less problems. It is lightweight, more comfortable and easy to wear.

Cons: It does not absorb moisture, it’s also not a waterproofing like synthetic fiberglass cast.

D. (4th Generation) Synthetic Cast With Wash-ability: 


As for the other casting /plaster system, patient supposed to have to wrap the affected area with cotton fabric and bind it with tap or cast bandage. HM Cast (Hybrid-Mesh) is made up of unique fabric,which is knitted with unique weaving. It reducing the itching and odor, as a result one can easily take shower and its naturally dried with air permeation and body temperature. 

Cons: It is more expensive, more difficult to mold and higher risk of he pressure. 

E. (5th Generation)Thermoplastic Process:

Thermoplastic bandages offers clean working conditions and it is a light bandage with great stability which at the same time its tolerates water without losing stability. 

1. DJO Products-


This Products provide people to live their lives to the fullest by providing intelligent medical devices and services from injury prevention to rehabilitation.

2. Exos Products-


Exos is the leading bracing system providing an adjustable,reformable and waterproof solution for the treatment of fractures and other injuries requiring stabilization. It is easily removable, X-ray to be taken without removal of brace and easy to clean.

3. Breg FastForm-


This products allow high ventilation, 35° Palmar Crease, Metacarpal Support, easy removal system, volumetric adjustable straps and designed like built-in hinge enhanced hygiene and comfortable.

F. (6th Generation)Absolute Washable Cast:

1. Open Cast- 


Open Cast has a superb fixation and skin friendly material, it has a quick and easy fitting. It allows daily washing and showers with cast on, It can be repeatedly wear and removed as needed. It is odor and itch free, its totally hygienic and comfortable also.

2. 3D Printed Cast-


3D printed cast is totally breathable, lightweight,recyclable and washable, this type of cast of bones mimics the body’s trabecular. The small honeycomb like structure that makes up inner bone structure,it can fit under clothing more easily compared to traditional casts. It honeycomb like structure would also allow the wearers to feel the surroundings and scratch the inevitable itches more freely.



ActivArmor is one type of 3D Printed cast, it allows the doctors to observe skin condition easily, it allows patient to bathe. It can be easily removed, it has no odor or itching problems. 

3. FlexiOH Cast-

FlexiOH is the first of its kind of cast that has the rigidity to hold the fractured part as well as ensures proper skin ventilation. It is easy to wearable material, after wears this light treatment completes the curing process and becomes hard. It is safer, more comfortable, absolute washable, easy to apply, lightweight and breathable.

Note: All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. It is not intending to compare any specific brand / design / company.