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At JC OrthoHeal Private Limited, India

Seeking Independent Sales Representatives to support and assist Marketing and Sales.

JC OrthoHeal Private Limited is looking for ‘Independent Sales Representatives’ to grow our revenues in all territories of India.

Position Title Independent sales representative Job family Marketing and Sales
Location Anywhere in India Pay Commission
Reports to Operational Manager Updated on 15.11.2019

Duties and responsibilities

  • Identifying Prospective Customers:
    Independent sales representatives identify prospective customers by following leads from existing clients or attending events and conferences, to build relationships with people.
  • Developing Accounts with Clients:
    Independent sales representatives continue to build accounts and relationships with their customers, both new clients and existing ones, by discussing the client’s needs and explaining how specific products or services can help them.
  • Advising Customers on Product Benefits:
    Being able to sell the unique points of our products or services is key to independent sales representatives. Emphasize the benefits and features of products and how customers can make the best use of them.
  • Negotiating Terms of Sales:
    Independent sales representatives negotiate sales contracts, terms of sales, service agreements, and prices with suppliers and vendors. Prepare sales contracts and ensure that orders are submitted for processing.
  • Following Up with Clients:
    Once a sale has been made, independent sales representatives follow up with their clients to ensure they’re satisfied with their purchase and to answer questions or concerns clients may have.

Skills and qualifications

Independent sales representatives should be confident and able to maintain their composure when networking with people. Typically, there is no formal qualification required to become an independent sales representative, but candidates should possess the following abilities:

  • Customer service skills – to understand the customer’s needs before, during, and after a sale
  • Interpersonal skills – to communicate and work well with different types of people, building good relationships with them
  • Self-confidence – a confident and persuasive personality is vital to success as the job can involve cold calling, talking to people who aren’t expecting their call
  • Networking – to build relationships and contact lists, increasing the chances of making a sale
  • Physical stamina – depending on the product being sold, independent sales representatives may need to spend long hours on their feet and lifting heavy items

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