Curing Light Device – Corded


RizyCure® Corded is the handheld curing light device which is high intensity blue light, developed by OrthoHeal. RizyCure® is visible blue light device, specially designed to cure FlexiOH® – Light Cured Polymer Immobilizer. It is plug and play, easy to use and has been made for the doctors’ convenience.



Use of RizyCure® Curing Light Device – Corded is to cure FlexiOH® immobilizer with high intensity uniform blue light, which gives deep and smooth curing. Just expose the uncured region moving slowly for 8-10 seconds over every corner and region and make sure that it has been cured properly and became rigid. While curing, RizyCure® should be very near to the FlexiOH® surface (ideally <10 cm away).

  • STEP 1 : Select the appropriate plug and attach with the adapter.

  • STEP 2 : Connect the adapter DC pin with RizyCure light device.

  • STEP 3 : Plug-in and switch on the RizyCure light device.

  • STEP 4 : Expose the uncured region of FlexiOH keeping Rizyure at ~10 cm distance from the surface of FlexiOH.

  • STEP 5 : Hold and wait for the buzzer sound, move RizyCure position after every beep.

  • STEP 6 : Switch off the RizyCure after each use.


  • If you determine that the RizyCure® Corded becomes hot or you observe change in color or shape, stop using the device immediately, as it needs to be replaced. Contact ‘OrthoHeal Customer Care’ at ‘[email protected]’ for further guidance.

  • Do not open the RizyCure® curing light device or adapter.

  • Keep away from children / Do not allow children to play with RizyCure®.

  • Use goggles provided with the product while using RizyCure® to avoid eye

  • Do not use RizyCure light device, if light is blinking while using.

  • Do not use RizyCure® light device with wet hand.

  • Voltage fluctuation may impact the light intensity or lead to device failure.

  • RizyCure® light device is for Professional use only.

  • Maximum safe run time for RizyCure® light device is about 10 minutes.

  • Do not keep RizyCure® on any surface which can catch fire when device is switched-on for longer duration.


  • Before switching “ON” light, put on yellow colour goggles which is provided with the RizyCure® curing light device (These goggles provide eye comfort during curing process).

  • Do not see the light directly without wearing goggles as it may create slight discomfort and blurring of vision for few minutes. It is recommended to use the provided googles or Z87 +EN166 standard (yellow colour) goggles.


Weight of light250 gm
Medical Equipment classClass I
Output Power~48 Watt
Light intensity~27-30 mW/cm2
185,000-200,000 Lux
Power Input110V-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Power OutputDC 12V-5Amp (max)
Protection from shockType B
Operating and Storage temperature0 to 104°F (0° to 40°C) 10% to 85% relative humidity(non-condensing)0.5 atm to 1.0 atm(500-hPa to 1060-hPa) atmospheric pressure.

* Tested with 12V-5A power adapter provided with the RizyCure® light device.