FlexiOH™ - The Next Gen Orthopedic Cast

FlexiOH® Short Arm Immobilizer

OrthoHeal FlexiOH short arm cast or splint

Absolute washable orthopedic Immobilizer for immobilization of wrist joint and closed fractures at radius-ulna.


  • Non-displaced /
    Stable /
    minimally displaced /
    Buckle fracture of distal radius fracture
  • Carpal bone fracture other than Scaphoid /
  • As a removable splint during rehabilitation

FlexiOH® short arm immobilizers are designed for distal radius/non-displaced/stable fractures or carpal bone fractures other than scaphoid fractures. This breathable, washable and light weight (~300 gm) immobilizer provides better comfort to the patients compared to conventional casts. For application of FlexiOH® short arm immobilizer, healthcare professional first need to apply it on the patient’s hand with the zip and then cure it with the Rizycure® light device (recommended) or direct sunlight for around 3-10 minutes depending on the size of immobilizer. Once it is rigid,cut the puller of the zip with pliers so that patient can not remove the immobilizer by themselves.

FlexiOH® short arm immobilizer comes in 8 different sizes : XS, S, M, L, XL, SM, SL and SXL. All of the immobilizers vary in terms of palm circumference, wrist circumference, and arm circumference. For the best fit of FlexiOH® short arm immobilizer, taking the measurement of patient’s hand is necessary before application.


SIZE CHART (in cm)

Size vs Measurement
(Short Arm Cast)
Mid-Palm Circumference:11-1414-1717-18.518.5-22.522.5-24.517-18.518.5-22.522.5-24.5
Forearm Length:18-2123-2626-2929-3030-3323-2727-2929-30

* Above sizes fit better as per dimensions mentioned in the table.
* However FlexiOH® adapts to an oversize to certain extend by stretch-ability.
* We advise the healthcare professionals to choose the size as per patient’s comfort.

FlexiOH® Short arm immobilizer application process is as follows:

short arm immobilizer

Step – 1 : Choose the appropriate size from given chart

OrthoHeal - FlexiOH application Step 2

Step – 2 : Apply cushioning to thumb to give extra comfort to pressure points

OrthoHeal - FlexiOH application Step 3

Step – 3 : Place immobilizer over the fractured hand anchoring thumb

OrthoHeal - FlexiOH application Step 4

Step – 4 : Lock the zip by placing insertion pin into retainer box

OrthoHeal FlexiOH application Step 5

Step – 5 : Pull the puller of the zip until the end

OrthoHeal FlexiOH application Step 6

Step – 6 : As it adapts to the shape of the hand, start reduction process

OrthoHeal FlexiOH application Step 7

Step – 7 : Take fully charged RizyCure® Light Device

OrthoHeal FlexiOH application Step 8

Step – 8 : Start curing around the thumb to give initial support to the broken bone

OrthoHeal FlexiOH application Step 9

Step – 9 : Expose 3-10 minutes thoroughly and check every corner until it’s hardened

FlexiOH® provide ~46 % open area of skin to breathe, wash, and exposure to sunlight which all are necessary to maintain healthy skin.


OrthoHeal FlexiOH removal process Step 1

Removal Step – 1 : It’s very simple, just unlock the zip

OrthoHeal FlexiOH removal process Step 2

Removal Step – 2 : Apply little force and pull hand out from the immobilizer